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The files posted here reflect charges for items and services provided by Meritus Medical Center as of January 1, 2021. This type of file is commonly referred to as the hospital’s “chargemaster.” In Maryland, the average rate for hospital services — radiology, laboratory, intensive care day — is regulated by the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC), a state regulatory agency. The HSCRC sets average hospital rates on January 1, and July 1, every year. Meritus Medical Center, and all other Maryland hospitals, plan to post this information semi-annually, on January 1, and July 1, to coincide with hospital-rate setting. Hospital charges do not include charges for physician services, commonly referred to as professional fees, which are separate from the hospital bill.

Although the state sets hospital rates as of a certain date, hospital charges are allowed to fluctuate during the course of the year, and detailed charges for certain items may be different than the average approved rate that covers a larger group of services. That means charges on individual hospital bills may be different than the charges posted here. This is both allowable and normal as hospitals adjust charges frequently to comply with other regulations. Rates are set on average, and the underlying service charges may vary because they are components of the average. Meritus Medical Center, and other Maryland hospitals, believe that it is impractical to update charges that are posted more than twice per year because charges change frequently.

For more information, please call 301-790-8662 or 301-790-8499 to speak with one of our patient advocates.

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