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Meritus Physical Therapy helps patients overcome health challenges and return to the life and activities they enjoy through our wellness programs and outpatient therapies.

Our skilled therapists develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, based on a thorough evaluation. Therapists use evidence-based treatment interventions to promote improvement in conditions such as orthopedic injuries, strains, sprains, stroke, traumatic brain injury, amputation, pediatrics issues, vestibular dysfunctions, cancer and hand injuries.

A comprehensive service, Meritus Physical Therapy provides a full range of rehabilitation programs with occupational, physical and speech therapists and social workers. Many of our staff have achieved advanced certifications in hand therapy, orthopedics and brain injury.  Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and a heated indoor pool for aquatic therapy. 

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Meritus Physical Therapy offers a wide selection of rehabilitation programs. Learn more about what each of these programs involves.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a dynamic profession with an established scientific base and widespread clinical application in the restoration, maintenance, and promotion of optimal physical function.

Physical therapists:

  • Diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical and functional abilities
  • Restore, maintain and promote not only optimal physical function, but optimal wellness and fitness and optimal quality of life as it relates to movement and health.
  • Prevent the onset, symptoms, and progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions or injuries

Our physical therapists work closely with patients and families to develop a personalized treatment plan to promote functional improvement and return to activities of life.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy concentrates on helping people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities or occupations. They work with individuals who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally, socially or emotionally disabling.

Occupational therapists:

  • Perform an individualized evaluation, during which the client/family and occupational therapist determine the person's dysfunction, treatment plan and goals.
  • Provide customized interventions to improve the person's ability to perform daily activities and reach the goals.
  • Develops an outcomes evaluation to ensure that the goals are being met and/or makes changes to the intervention plan.

Occupational therapists have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment to fit the person, and the person is an integral part of the therapy team.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists, sometimes called speech therapists, assess, diagnose, treat and help to prevent communication and swallowing disorders in patients. Speech, language and swallowing disorders result from a variety of causes such as a stroke, brain injury, hearing loss, developmental delay, a cleft palate, cerebral palsy or emotional problems.

Speech therapists:

  • Work closely with patients and families to develop a personalized treatment plan to facilitate recovery and help patients improve or regain speaking ability.
  • Work with the individual to improve comprehension and memory skills, problem-solving, ability to swallow and the ability to speak clearly.
  • Help patients improve or regain functional language, communication, cognition and/or swallowing skills so as to be more successful in the home, classroom or work and the community.

Meritus Physical Therapy is pleased to offer a two-part speech therapy program to help individuals with Parkinson’s regain and maintain effective communication: SPEAK OUT!® followed by The LOUD Crowd®.

SPEAK OUT!® places emphasis on speaking with intent and converting speech from an automatic function to an intentional act. Together, patients and their speech-language pathologist work through a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises outlined in a SPEAK OUT!® Workbook.

Upon completion of SPEAK OUT!®, patients transition to The LOUD Crowd®. This maintenance program consists of weekly group sessions led by a speech-language pathologist. The SPEAK OUT!® exercises are performed, and group members provide support, encouragement, and accountability to one another.

Participation in The LOUD Crowd®, along with daily home practice and six-month re-evaluations, has been shown to help patients maintain their communication skills throughout the progression of Parkinson’s. For more information about SPEAK OUT!® and The LOUD Crowd® or to schedule a speech evaluation, please call 301-714-4025.

Aquatic Therapy

Using aquatic therapy, patients can often begin to exercise in the pool before they can do so on land. Therapists provide specific pool exercise programs for each patient in our heated 20'x40' pool.

Lymphedema Treatment

For swelling that occurs in the arms, legs, or trunk due to problems with the lymphatic system, Meritus Physical Therapy offers a lymphedema management program. A specially trained and certified lymphedema therapist provides all lymphedema services including:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Skin care
  • Bandaging techniques
  • Therapeutic exercise

Meritus Physical Therapy offers rehabilitation for oncology patients by promoting quality of life for those who have difficulty with walking, communicating, swallowing and performing other activities of daily living, and those who need pain management, have poor endurance, or swelling in the joints. Our rehabilitation program for oncology patients includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Voice Treatment Center

The Voice Treatment Center evaluates and treats pediatric and adult patients for functional and organic voice disorders. Some the conditions we treat include:

  • Benign and malignant lesions
  • Neurologic conditions
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Vocal cord dysfunction
  • Vocal dysphonia

Patients provided the best evidence-based practices to alleviate symptoms.

Breast Cancer Program

The Breast Cancer Program works with the John R. Marsh Cancer Center to provide patients with integrated services that include management of pain, swelling and scar tissue, instruction and treatment for problems with range of motion and weakness. We can provide education for adapting daily living activities, exercise programs, and aquatic therapies.

Post-Mastectomy Program

The Post-Mastectomy Program offers therapeutic services for women recovering from mastectomy. Physical therapy and occupational therapy focus on swelling control, pain control, scar control, and instruction in range of motion, adaptive techniques for daily living activities and a therapeutic aquatic exercise program. Counseling services are also available.

Speech-Pathology for Head & Neck Cancer

The Speech- Pathology division of the Head/Neck Cancer Program works closely with a patient's otolaryngologist, nutritionists, and oncology team to provide comprehensive support throughout the treatment process. Our treatment plans are designed to target the specific needs of patients through all stages of treatment of oral and/or pharyngeal cancer. Our facility provides treatment and education for communication, swallowing, range of motion, and edema/scar control.

Meritus Physical Therapy recognizes the special needs of women throughout each stage of life and provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment. Our research-based, up-to-date interventions are designed to meet each woman's unique needs and our professional staff provides compassionate care that will help you feel comfortable addressing your private concerns. Meritus Physical Therapy's specialty treatment areas include the following:


Let us help you cope with the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. Our comprehensive treatment program includes the following elements:

  • Individual evaluation
  • Patient education
  • Pain management
  • Manual techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Energy conservation
  • Coping skills
  • Individual exercise training
  • Problem-solving


For swelling that occurs in the arms, legs, or trunk due to problems with the lymphatic system, we offer a lymphedema management program. A specially trained and certified lymphedema therapist provides all lymphedema services including:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Skin care
  • Bandaging techniques
  • Therapeutic exercise

Prenatal & Postpartum Care

During pregnancy, a women's body undergoes many changes that can cause pain and discomfort. Our women's health therapists specialize in the treatment of pre-and post-partum women. Our treatments will:

  • Correct pelvic alignment
  • Increase core strength
  • Offer several approaches to support a healthy delivery and successful recovery.

We also offer warm pool therapy, which helps to:

  • decrease swelling in the legs
  • decrease pain
  • ease painful joints
  • allow the mother to gently strengthen her muscles


Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the loss of bone tissue leads to decreased density and bone fragility. We provide an individualized program designed to prevent, arrest, and/or reverse the common patterns of postural changes that occur with osteopenia and osteoporosis. We can help you safely return to a full and active lifestyle without the fear of fracture. Osteoporosis treatment includes:

  • Education
  • Postural correction
  • Active bracing
  • Balance
  • Proper body mechanics
  • Progressive therapeutic exercise

With our aquatic therapy program, you'll enjoy activity in an environment that provides both resistance and assistance to movement.

Aquatic therapy can decrease swelling, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and even strengthen and tone muscles. And because the water helps support your weight, you can exercise without putting undue stress on your joints. It's a wonderful exercise option for people with back problems, arthritis, or joint replacements. It's beneficial for expectant mothers as well.

Therapy takes place in our soothing 92-degree warm-water pool, which is equipped with a chair lift and handrails. Assistive devices like resistance paddles, barbells, and buoyancy belts are also available.

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