Family Medicine Residency Program



Meritus Family Medicine Residency is the only rural program in the state of Maryland and is situated in a community just 70 miles from Washington, DC and Baltimore. 

The residency is designed to develop family physician leaders and provide an individualized approach to crafting the leadership and educational journey for each resident. Resident wellness and an emphasis on community and population health are fundamental to training and serving Washington County. The goal is to prepare residents for a wide variety of possible roles, as they progress on their own path and write their own story as a family physician.


  • Only rural FM program in Maryland
  • 18 residents (6-6-6) training program
  • 327 bed facility
  • Level III trauma center
  • Level II Special Care Nursery (NICU)
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Focus on community integration
  • Osteopathic training for D.O.s and M.D.s
  • Required education on nutrition and metabolic endocrinology
  • Integrated Point of Care Ultrasound training
  • Team-based grant application available to each class

Stories are at the core of our training program. Listening to, attesting and validating the stories of individuals are things our clinicians do every day. Honoring and respecting each other as colleagues, patients, doctors and community members brings an unparalleled richness to our lives. Both differences and similarities remind us of the wonder of life and what it is to be human. Engaging with the story of our community and our own role within it helps us to reflect on life in the context of service to others. It allows us to celebrate our strengths, honor fortitude in the face of adversity, and recognize where there is still work to be done.

What story will you bring to our team? How will you find meaning here? How will you impact, and be affected by, this community? These are the stories we are waiting to write and invite you to join the journey with us!


  • PGY-1 $60,000
  • PGY-2 $61,500
  • PGY-3 $63,000

Up to $2,000 which is considered taxable income.

Located within 70 miles from Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Drive to the heart of either city in little over an hour or catch a regional rail 18 miles from Hagerstown.

  • Affordable housing ranging from $800 - $1200/month for a single bedroom apartment/townhouse.
  • Year round outdoor activities including historical sites, national parks, vineyards, skiing, hiking and biking trails.

Residency Map

Learn more about Washington County and Hagerstown here.

Virtual Visitors Guide

CME stipend of $3,600 (total for the entire residency period, not per year) toward medical education, text books, conferences CME, medical equipment, board prep, examination costs or other approved expenses.

Multiple free conferences/grand rounds from renowned regional medical professionals are offered.

  • Free parking
  • Food allowance - $200/month. Lunch provided during weekly didactic seminar and ground rounds
  • 401K with automatic 3% employer contribution
  • Paid membership to AAFP, Maryland Academy of Family Physicians and Maryland Medical Society
  • Access to medical staff office and benefits
  • Corporate discounts to many local businesses including: OneLife Fitness, AT&T, Sprint and more.

The Heath System will purchase two lab coats, embroidered with the name of the Resident.

Take a tour of our 17,000 square foot facility below.

We invite residents to begin their journey with amazing opportunity and relevant perspective. Meritus Medical Center is a 327-bed community hospital in Hagerstown, MD. Family medicine residents have the opportunity to receive instruction from dedicated faculty as well as a wide diversity of medical specialists. The health system is committed to building the vitality of primary care for the community and strives to present an engaging and challenging curriculum to the resident physician.


Empowering resident physicians along their journey of healing to serve our community with love and to grow through our commitment to compassion, teamwork, innovation, and excellence.


Equipping the next generation of family physician leaders to provide comprehensive high quality, diverse and inclusive primary care that our communities need.


Our goal is to unite the resident’s purpose with an environment of learning as they write the story of their journey of healing.

Program Aims


As an evolving program, we strive to empower and inspire residents to influence the development of the curriculum in a unique way through stories, community and physician leadership, community connection, and local grant support. For the innovative or creative individual, an evolving program offers novel opportunity.


We strive to approach learning in a different manner. The most powerful motivator for learning is one’s purpose and immediate questions/problems. Adult learning models have shown that self-directed learning is more effective than traditional methods of learning. Learning should be united with purpose and context, and we strive to utilize this as much as possible. Personal stories, gamification, and regular exposure to evidence-based medicine round out didactic education.


The faculty physicians represent a wealth of diverse clinical experience. We bring a practical and applicable perspective into resident training.


Maryland brings a unique care delivery system that is an experiment for the nation, the "Total Cost of Care" model, which focuses on the primary care team and cost-effective delivery of care. Residents have the opportunity to practice in an environment of innovation where volume-based care is secondary to value-based care. This enables graduates to have the information and context they need to guide structural healthcare changes as leaders.


We utilize a system that allows continuous self-assessment so that residents can gain an understanding of their areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. We have incorporated use of the Rosh Review program into our rotations in addition to continuous self-assessment through EPA and curriculum review; facilitated through regular touchpoints with faculty advisors.


We strongly encourage residents to identify and engage with a community need throughout the course of their residency; a need that inspires them. Ideally, this community need should fuel their scholarly work as well as provide deeper connection to the people they are serving.


We support residents developing a comprehensive set of practice guidelines so they leave residency with a database that is practice ready.


We believe that the practice of the future is going to need to be skilled at team-based care delivery and use of telemedicine applications. We equip our residents with skills to be good team leaders in this environment. Point of care ultrasound is incorporated through all three years of training.

Residents from the Class of  

Rohan Dalwadi, D.O.

Class of 2024

Rohan Dalwadi, D.O., received his medical degree from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Virginia in 2021 and his Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is originally from Maryland. During medical school, Dr. Dalwadi served as a VCOM Ambassador and enjoyed performing outreach at UMBC to educate undergraduates on Osteopathic Medicine. As a research assistant at Sinai Hospital’s Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, he explored a range of topics from patient satisfaction to post-surgical recovery. He has substantial volunteer experience supporting STEM education in underserved elementary schools and communities, providing basic hygiene products and healthy foods to those in need, as well as networking UMBC with local events such as the Red Shoe Shuffle and the Save-A-Limb Walk. Dr. Dalwadi is passionate about using a holistic, hands-on, osteopathic approach to patient care and expanding his practice of family medicine to adapt to his community’s specific needs. He hopes to create a judgement-free clinical environment for his patients of all ages and backgrounds. In his free time, Dr. Dalwadi enjoys hiking, longboarding, and spending time with his family and rescue dog, Nova.

Jasmine Gulati, D.O.

Class of 2024

Jasmine Gulati, D.O., received her medical degree in 2021 from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, and her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Gulati worked as a lab technician in Towson, MD and in a cardiovascular behavioral medicine research lab at UMBC. She also assisted in publishing a medical textbook and handbook for residents. She had extensive volunteer experience in Baltimore, MD that included mentoring elementary school children, assisting at a community mental health center, and providing dental supplies and other essentials to the local underserved population. Dr. Gulati is passionate about continuing her efforts with disadvantaged populations. She desires to practice family medicine with an emphasis on biopsychosocial care and women’s health. She believes in placing the patient at the center of their care, and she hopes to be a compassionate provider that creates a safe space for all of her patients. Dr. Gulati enjoys cooking, painting, and spending time outdoors with her significant other and rescue dog.

Shreya Patel, D.O.

Class of 2024

Shreya Patel, D.O., received her medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2021. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Duquesne University, and worked as an urgent care medical assistant prior to medical school. Dr. Patel spent two months as a hospital clinical volunteer in India. She has extensive volunteer experience supporting community health and safety, children’s health and education, women empowerment, mental and spiritual health, and diversity. During medical school, Dr. Patel completed the Tulane University Medical Student Culinary Medicine Series and was active in the Health Meets Food Program, educating children and adults on affordable and accessible nutrition and culinary skills. She also served as an OMM teaching assistant during clinical rotations. Dr. Patel believes that open communication and education encourage individuals to actively participate in creating achievable goals for their health. She approaches medicine with a spirit of service, and strives for the holistic wellbeing of the body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Patel is an active volunteer in her faith community and enjoys playing tennis and basketball, traveling, working with children, and spending time with family and friends.

Yuval Pinto, M.D.

Class of 2024

Yuval Pinto, M.D., is a 2020 graduate of the New York State/American Program at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. Prior to residency, he worked as a medical intern at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel. Dr. Pinto, originally from Rockville, Maryland, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Physiology from the University of Maryland, College Park. For over a decade, he volunteered as a case manager for community members dealing with terminal illness in the DMV area. Prior to medical school, Dr. Pinto researched the poliovirus at NIH and was the recipient of the Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award. He also conducted research at JCVI, where he focused on viruses and vaccine design. After years in research at the NIH, Dr. Pinto moved to begin his career as a physician, motivated by a desire to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of those who are disabled or disenfranchised. During medical school, he was recognized for his commitment to social justice. As a former medic in the Israel Defense Forces, his experience also includes providing medical care as a first responder and organizing international disaster relief assistance. Dr. Pinto is passionate about preventive, lifestyle, and customized medicine, as well as personal and long-lasting connections with his patients. In his free time, he enjoys CrossFit, brewing coffee, and baking sourdough bread. Dr. Pinto is fluent in English and Hebrew.

Logan Stonesifer, D.O.

Class of 2024

Logan Stonesifer, D.O., received his medical degree in 2021 from Liberty College of Osteopathic Medicine and his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the Pennsylvania State University. He is originally from Chambersburg, PA and is the recipient of the Chambersburg Hospital Medical Student Scholarship. He is a member of Sigma Sigma Phi National Honors Society. Dr. Stonesifer was a member of the sports medicine club and the LUCOM intramural softball team while in medical school. He volunteered at the Free Health Clinic to help provide care to underserved individuals in Lynchburg, VA. He has an interest in underserved and international medicine. Dr. Stonesifer chose family medicine because it offers the ability to practice a wide variety of medicine while building personal relationships with those within the community. He enjoys golfing, dogs, cooking, going to Penn State football games, and spending time with family and friends.

Frank Yang, M.B.B.S.

Class of 2024

Frank Yang, MBBS is a 2020 graduate of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, in Shanghai, China. He completed a surgical preliminary year in 2021 at Nassau University Medical Center in New York. Dr. Yang is the son of physician immigrants and was raised in Bethesda, Maryland. After completing a year at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, he sought the diversity of experience attending medical school abroad could provide. During his medical training, he spent a summer at a rural hospital in southern Thailand, which impassioned him to put in countless hours of studying for the patients he loves and the lives he touches. After completing residency, Dr. Yang desires to teach and to practice in international and underserved areas as a physician who is capable of taking care of anyone who walks through the door. In his free time, he enjoys escape rooms, board games, and fishing. Dr. Yang is fluent in English and Chinese.