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"Why ‘What Matters,’ Matters – John Crews

August 18, 2023 - Press Release

Known for being positive and upbeat, John Crews was no different when he was admitted to Meritus Medical Center in early summer 2023. Despite having a leukemia diagnosis, Crews remained in good spirits even when he was hospitalized.

“We always check with our patients to find out what it is that matters most to them,” said Clinical Manager, Remo Rios. “During a candid conversation with his family, Mr. Crews expressed his longing to be out golfing during what he called his prime days,” he added.

Of course, being in the hospital meant Crews was missing days out on the green...

…Or did it?

Once Crews was well enough to stand and take a few steps, Rio, along with Crews’ primary care nurse, Tiffany Sites, coordinated with the family to set up a putting green right in his hospital room.

“The joy and motivation it brought him to get better was truly inspirational,” Rios said.

Several weeks following his discharge from Meritus, Crews returned a phone call after a day on the green (the real one).

“The heat wasn’t so bad this week; it was time to get back out there,” he laughed on the line. “I’ve gotten my strength back, and I’m looking forward to being out there more this summer,” he said.

Meritus Health experts know that individualized and meaningful health care can come from a patient sharing personal details about their life and goals, the idea behind the ‘What Matters Most’ initiative launched by the health system.

“I think this story speaks to why it’s so important to slow down and really get to know our patients. Everyone has that one thing that drives them,” Rios said. “For some, it’s as simple as family; for others, a hobby; for Mr. Crews, it is his love of golf. And thanks to his amazing family and nurse, we could make his passion a reality,” he added.

By using the MyChart portal, Meritus Health patients can share their goals and the things that matter to them in their lives. MyChart is a user-friendly electronic portal that can be accessed online or via a smartphone app.

MyChart serves as a communication tool between Meritus providers and patients, as well as among all health care team members. Through the What Matters Most section on the app, patients can indicate to their providers what’s important in their life, such as their goals, hopes, and dreams.

“This could be cheering on your favorite sports team, running a 5K, or getting back out on the green,” Rios said."

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