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Meritus Health urges caution, prevention ahead of viral illness season

September 15, 2023 - Press Release

As Meritus lives its mission of “Improving the Health of the Community,” dedicated caregivers are sharing information about preventative measures to take during viral illness season.

In alignment with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Meritus experts strongly recommend that individuals aged 6 months and older receive an updated flu vaccine in addition to staying informed about COVID-19 precautions, and they encourage all eligible individuals to consider vaccination or booster shots as needed.

There are multiple options available for scheduling your vaccinations and boosters:

• MyChart: You can conveniently schedule your flu and COVID-19 vaccines or boosters through your MyChart account.

• Primary Care Provider: Reach out to your primary care provider's office for vaccine appointments and guidance tailored to your health needs.

• Your Local Health Department: Stay informed about local vaccination resources by checking with your nearby health department.

• Your Local Pharmacy: Many local pharmacies offer both flu and COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters, making it easily accessible for you.

Over-the-counter flu and COVID-19 tests are readily available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and online retailers. These tests are user-friendly, quick, and provide reliable results for most individuals.

For those requiring laboratory testing, Meritus Medical Laboratory locations offer comprehensive testing services. Please be aware that a healthcare provider's order is necessary, and your insurance will be billed accordingly.

Dr. Anand Budi, chief medical officer, emphasizes the health system’s commitment to safeguarding the community against viral illnesses such as COVID-19, RSV and the flu.

“Vaccination remains our most effective defense against the spread of these viral illnesses,” he said.

You can schedule your flu and COVID vaccine appointments with ease through MyChart, your primary care provider's office or by simply walking in at Meritus Primary Care – Prospect Street.

“We all have a part to play in reducing the spread of viral illnesses, including COVID-19 and the flu. By getting vaccinated, you not only protect yourself but also contribute to the well-being of our entire community,” Dr. Budi said.

For the latest, up-to-date information on the flu season, viral illnesses, testing, treatment, and vaccination options, please visit

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