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It’s not rocket science, but it is brain surgery

August 28, 2023 - Meritus Story

It’s not rocket science, but it is brain surgery.

Well, technically it’s neurosurgery, and the month of August is designated as Neurosurgery Awareness Month. Just in time for August, Meritus Health welcomed Dr. Gentian Toshkezi, who will lead the new Meritus Neurosurgery practice.

Neurosurgery is a specialized branch of medicine dedicated to resolving complex issues in the brain and spine. The Meritus Neurosurgery team will focus on treating various conditions, including brain tumors, brain injuries, strokes, and spinal cord problems. The expertise offered by the team promises hope and healing to patients grappling with these challenging conditions.

With Dr. Toshkezi’s expertise, the health system is poised to provide advanced and compassionate care to those facing brain and spinal conditions.

“I’m excited to bring this advanced treatment to Meritus, and spare patients the burden of extensive travel and allowing them to focus on their healing journey instead,” Dr. Toshkezi said.

Meritus Medical Center, a Level III Trauma Center, has now elevated its capabilities with the addition of neurosurgery.

“In the unfortunate event of a traumatic accident leading to brain injuries, patients can receive immediate and comprehensive care within the Meritus Health system,” Dr. Toshkezi said. “With this enhanced level of care, patients can forego the need for transportation to another facility, ensuring timely and seamless access to vital neurosurgical services,” he added.

Meritus Neurosurgery aims to make world-class treatment accessible, alleviating the emotional and financial burdens that often accompany distant medical journeys.

“Meritus Health's commitment to expanding its services and fostering trust within the community remains steadfast, and this development shows we are making sure our neighbors have the care they need in our community,” Chief Strategy Officer, Dave Lehr said. “Meritus never turns a patient away based on their ability to pay. We feel it is an important part of our mission to have all specialties covered, ensuring affordable access to specialty care for all,” he added.

For those seeking a consultation with the Meritus Neurosurgery team, a referral is necessary. To learn more about the extensive range of neurosurgery services offered, visit the official website at

Dr. Toshkezi is a graduate of the University of Medicine in Tirane, Albania. He completed neurosurgery residencies at Beaujon Hospital in Paris, France, and SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, N.Y. Additionally, he completed a neurosurgery fellowship at the Boston Medical Center in Boston, Mass. Dr. Toshkezi is board certified in neurosurgery.

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