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Maintain, Don’t Gain: Don’t wait for Jan. 1 to resolve for good health

November 27, 2023 - Your Health Matters

By now, we all know that maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and wellness, and helps prevent or control many diseases and conditions, including a lower risk for heart disease, lowering the risk for stroke, lowering the risk for developing cancer, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and more.

But the holidays can throw a curve in our health plans – cookies, eggnog and large holiday meals often put most of us off track.  By New Year’s we are resolving to be healthier and so goes the cycle of holiday weight gain and hopeful New Year’s loss.

Experts as Meritus say there’s another option – try to maintain your current weight during the holiday season.

“If you can consider opportunities to balance out the additional calories and indulgences, you can have a healthier holiday season,” explained Beth Fields Dowdell, DNP, CRNP, Supervisor of Meritus Community Health Services.  “The goal should be to maintain your current weight during the holiday season, and then consider new or additional opportunities that lead to a healthier lifestyle in the New Year.”

Fields Dowdell said that the community Go for Bold Initiative is a tremendous, free resource for people to track their weight, find healthy recipes or get connected to free fitness classes.

“We know that a 30-45 minute walk can help balance out a holiday dessert,” she said.  “We’d encourage our community to try a walking challenge or a free class, so that they can maintain their weight despite some additional events or calories.”

She also said that physical activity and healthy food choices aren’t the only health needs to be considerate of during this time.

“Many people can experience additional stress or even loneliness during this season.  Go for Bold also offers mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, and perhaps most important, a support network,” she said.

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