Mission & Vision



Our Mission & Vision

Meritus Health, Inc.

Mission: Improve the health of our community by providing the best healthcare, health services and medical education.

Vision: To serve as a model community-based, academic health system.

Meritus Medical Center

Mission: Improve the health of our community.

Vision: To be the best health system.

Our Values

At Meritus, we each support our mission and vision by living our values each and every day. By following our pledge, "I act," we each support Meritus with:

  • I=Integrity - We do the right thing, no matter what.
  • A=All in for quality and outcomes - Quality improvement isn't just something we talk about, it's a commitment we each live.
  • C=Community obsessed - We are our community, and we are here to take care of our neighbors. This isn't just about medical care; it's about caring for the whole person.
  • T=Teamwork - Nobody can do it alone. At Meritus we are one team that is diverse and inclusive, and we support one another and our goals.

Code of Conduct

Meritus Health has a vision to relentlessly pursue excellence. That vision can only be accomplished with all of us working together as a team and deeply committed to our Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is essential to how we behave and how we operate to serve our patients and our community. This Code of Conduct is about us committing to the highest level of ethical standards and are our expectations for doing our work every day with integrity. This Code of Conduct is not a nicety, but a necessity. A culture of compliance is the foundation to doing the right thing, all the time, for everyone that we serve.

Please read this Code of Conduct carefully and take the time to discuss any questions or concerns with your supervisor, department leader, or our department of business integrity, at 301-790-8414.

We want Meritus Health to be the most trusted, honest, ethical organization, with unmatched integrity. You make that happen by living this Code of Conduct.

Thank you for what you do for Meritus Health. You make a difference in improving the health status of our region.


Maulik Outside June 2020

Maulik S. Joshi, Dr.P.H.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Meritus Health


Robert “BJ” E. Goetz, Jr

Chairman, Board of Directors

Meritus Health


Kalim Ahmed, M.D.

Chief of Staff

Meritus Medical Center


Purpose of the Code of Conduct

Meritus Health is firmly committed to operating with a spirit of trust and integrity. As an organization, it is only through the actions of our staff that trust is built and a reputation for honesty and fairness is earned.

This Code of Conduct, which has been adopted by the Meritus Health Board of Trustees, outlines the health system's commitment to:

  • Provide safe, high-quality, compassionate care and service;
  • Respect patient rights, including the right to privacy and confidentiality;
  • Provide a safe and respectful work environment;
  • Comply with all laws and regulations that govern our business;
  • Bill for the services that we provide with honesty and integrity;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and safeguard the assets of our organization; and
  • Honor the trust of our patients, our employees and the community we serve.

Click here to download Meritus Health's Code of Conduct.

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