Lactation Consultants

Meritus Medical Center is proud to have 3 lactation consultants on staff, who provide coverage seven days a week to see all breastfeeding mothers during their hospital stay. Our Lactation Consultants (LCs) have over 50 years of combined experience in not only Lactation, but Maternal-Child Health. Each of them began their careers as RNs on the Family Birthing Center before transitioning to their specialized role of lactation consultant.

Several of our LC’s are Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). This certification requires specific lactation training and continued yearly education to keep up to date on the newest research as it relates to breastfeeding and newborn nutrition.

The Lactation Consultants consult with each breastfeeding mother during their hospital stay. They provide teaching not only on proper latch but normal newborn breastfeeding expectations and management. They provide hands on assistance to help mothers feel confident in the art of breastfeeding. The LCs are also available for the parents who experience breastfeeding challenges, both during their stay and after discharge.

Our Lactation Consultants provide personalized care to mothers and babies depending on personal situations, wishes, and medical needs. The LC’s help women establish and maintain milk supply and can help with the transition new mothers face as they return to work. Mothers can reach out to the consultants for questions and concerns during their entire breastfeeding journey, often until after infant’s first birthday.

The Lactation Consultants also offer a wide variety of Outpatient Community Services to include:

Phone Consultations

  • Mothers can call after discharge for any arising questions or concerns during their breastfeeding experience.

Outpatient Consultations for mothers with feeding challenges

  • These can be requested by providers or patients

Breastfeeding Support Group - Second and fourth Saturdays each month. Click for details

  • Led by the LCs, the Breastfeeding Support Group enables breastfeeding moms to support each other and reach out to the LCs for help as needed.

Breastfeeding Class

  • prenatal class for expectant mothers to learn about breastfeeding prior to delivery

The Lactation Team is here to help each new mother strive to reach their breastfeeding goals. For further information or questions call the Lactation Team at 301-790-8530.

Lactation Consultants