Family Birth Center FAQ

Maternity Services in Maryland

Learn more about what you can expect when you deliver your child at the Meritus Health Family Birth Center in Maryland from these answers to frequently asked questions. You can also visit us to attend a free tour of the facility.

Does the hospital have one room available for labor, delivery, and recovery?

We have 20 private rooms available. During your visit at Meritus Medical Center you will stay in the same room for labor, delivery, and recovery. If we are at capacity, there are twelve extra private rooms in the same hallway; many of these are used for patients who have just delivered by cesarean.

What’s the hospital’s cesarean (C-section) rate?

Approximately 26% of the women giving birth at Meritus Medical Center have a cesarean. Your doctor will help you determine if a cesarean is appropriate for you. The operating room is just down the hall from the birthing center, so you won’t be far from your room. After the birth of your child, you will return to your original room.

Can I bring my own labor support professional?

Patients may bring their own labor support but most women find that the nursing staff at Meritus Medical Center provides excellent support during labor. We also have medical practices that employ Certified Nurse Midwives. For those who would like to see a midwife please go toWomen’s Health Specialists - Robinwood or Capital Women's Care.

Can my partner and labor support be present during a cesarean?

We encourage someone, usually the birthing coach, to accompany moms in the operating room. We want you to feel supported as much as possible to allow the birth of your baby to be a memorable occasion.

Do you have lactation consultants? Do you have breastfeeding classes/instructors in the maternity ward?

With three lactation consultants on staff, there is always breastfeeding support close at hand. If you are a mother who would like to breastfeed their newborn please inform your nurse so that a lactation consultant can round on you after delivery or if you are struggling to breastfeed.

We have a free Breastfeeding Support Group that is held on the second and fourth Fridays each month from 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

What is the percentage of mothers who choose to breastfeed?

Approximately 75% of all mothers at Meritus Medical Center choose to breastfeed. It is well documented that there are many benefits to breastfeeding. Prenatal Breastfeeding classes are offered to help you prepare and understand the benefits of breastfeeding.

Can the baby stay with me?

Yes, we encourage that your baby stays with you as much as possible during your time at the hospital, as long as the baby is healthy and does not require medical treatment such as oxygen. This is your time, as a family, to bond and get acquainted with each other.

Can my partner spend the night with me?

Yes, each room is equipped with a cozy couch that converts into a single bed so that your support person can stay overnight to assist you and your baby. We encourage the father to support the mother with her newborn by helping with the baby’s new routines.

Are tours available of the birthing center?

There are free tours of The Family Birthing Center every Sunday at 4:30pm. It would be our pleasure to show you and your family around the birthing center, and explain the benefits of having your baby at Meritus Medical Center.

How do I prepare for the birth of my child?

The Family Birthing Center offers Prepared Childbirth classes so that you may feel comfortable about the birth of your baby before even going into labor.

Family Birthing Center offers tours every Sunday at 4:30pm, please call 301-790-8214 for more information.