John R. Marsh Cancer Center

Where Hope Begins

The John R. Marsh Cancer Center is where hope begins for many patients who are battling cancer. Our mission is to heal our patients while helping them continue to live their lives to the fullest. When it comes to treating cancer, we have some of the most advanced treatments and technology available. From nationally renowned oncology specialists to an infusion solarium and meditation garden, our center is the place where patients and families come to find healing, compassion, and comfort. To help patients gain access to care, the John R. Marsh Cancer Center uses nurse navigators to assist patients at all stages of cancer care, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and survivorship.

Cancer is a Journey

Our doctors make that journey with you, staying involved in your care throughout the entire course of treatment. A capable and compassionate team of nurses, support staff, oncologists, and medical specialists support patients through every step of treatment and care. This is a place where you are encouraged to speak up and tell us what you need- we want to provide the care you’ve been looking for.

Our experienced staff of board certified surgeons, radiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists as well as certified nurses and rehabilitation therapists are passionate about your cancer care and the healing process. As part of Meritus Medical Center, the John R. Marsh Cancer Center is a member of a medical community that is known for providing the highest quality of services in a friendly environment.

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John R. Marsh Cancer Center