Employee Assistance Program

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Even when you love your job, the workplace can be stressful. Balancing home and work life can be a challenge, and mental stress in one often has an impact on the other. It is not unusual for an employee who is good at their job to leave because of mental distress.

The Meritus Employee Assistance Program is a counseling and consultation service that provides mental and emotional support for employees when they need it most. For many people, leaving a job where they are generally happy and valued causes more mental stress over time, which is why it is important to address the real root of stress and anxiety before making decisions that can hurt yourself, your coworkers and your employers.

For a free, customized proposal, please call 301-766-7624 or 301-766-7600.

Workplace issues EAP can help with:

Workplace Conflicts

  • Interpersonal
  • Team member
  • Professional versus support staff
  • Generational
  • Growing skills gap

Workplace Liability Issues

  • Workplace violence
  • Workplace substance abuse
  • Demands for accountability
  • Lawsuits—harassment
  • Management and diagnosis of mental health problems or addictions

Workplace Costs

  • Turnover and separation
  • Absenteeism
  • Stress and pressures
  • Substance use
  • Burnout
  • Disability and health claims
  • Safety

Productivity and Performance Concerns

  • Negative—blame culture
  • Sense of entitlement by employees
  • Decreased performance and/or function level
  • Need for higher productivity to maintain previous business profit
  • Increased work hours for management
  • Decreased productivity

Personal, employee, and family issues EAP is able to address:

Relationship Problems

  • Couples
  • Children
  • Families
  • Communication
  • Setting limits
  • Conflicts

Life Transitions

  • School and career decisions
  • Midlife
  • Separation and divorce
  • Retirement
  • Empty nest

Family Issues

  • Parenting
  • Blended families
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Peer relations
  • School performance
  • Extended family
  • Eldercare
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues

Substance Use Issues

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Concern when someone else is using alcohol or drugs
  • Codependency

Psychological Issues

  • Stress
  • Negativity
  • Coping with change
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Concern for someone else

Health and Wellness Information

Brochures - EAP provides unlimited brochures for employees and family members describing the appropriate use of EAP services and the process for requesting confidential help.

Information requests - EAP is available to employees and family members by phone to answer questions on a variety of subjects. Counselors will research a topic to assist with answering questions if necessary.

Newsletter - Each month employees and their families will receive an informative newsletter containing educational material for personal growth and problem prevention. Topics can be selected to address particular problems or concerns within the organization or community.

Promotional materials and events - Promotional posters, flyers and handouts are available to EAP-contracted companies on a regular basis. In addition, the EAP will participate in benefit and health fairs for your organization.

Corporate Training

Supervisory Training - EAP offers training seminars for supervisors concerning their role in the EAP and in maintaining a drug-free workplace. Additional supervisory training seminars will be offered during the contract year and can be chosen from an extensive list. These seminars are designed to assist supervisors with employee issues of concern.

Topics include:

  • Constructive confrontation
  • Signs and symptoms of alcohol or drug use
  • Enabling and provoking behaviors in the workplace

Employee Education - EAP counselors will provide educational seminars for employees during the contract year. The initial session will focus on the appropriate use of EAP services. Subsequent presentations can be selected from an extensive list or specifically designed to address a problem in your organization. Some examples of previously requested seminars are noted below:

  • How to Cope with Change
  • Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Through Resilience
  • Stress Management

General Corporate Trainings - Corporate trainings can be selected from a list of greater than forty topics and are designed for any setting or timeframe. Additionally, topics can be blended or custom designed.

Comprehensive Crisis Assistance

Emergency Services - EAP counselors will be available by phone for employees and their families on a twenty-four-hour, seven-day-a-week basis. During the initial phone contact, the counselor will help determine what level of support is needed and arrange for the services.

Critical Incident Stress Management - EAP counselors will be available when a traumatic event occurs to prepare staff for possible stress reactions and assist them with returning to work at their previous level of performance. This service can be utilized when violence occurs in the workplace or an employee/family member/student is involved in a traumatic occurrence.

Management Consultation

Supervisory Questions andSituations - EAP counselors will be available for consultation with supervisors working with a troubled employee or an employee suspected of substance use. Professional counselors will assist management with problem resolution and meet with employees and their supervisors if needed.

Supervisor's Manual - The EAP will provide a manual for each supervisor further explaining how to use the EAP when working with troubled employees. It includes detailed information about recognizing early signs of stress in employees, documenting observations and encouraging the employee to access confidential counseling.

Professional Counseling

Problem Assessment - EAP counselors will meet with employees or family members identified as having a problem, and a full assessment of the situation will be completed during the first session. If the problems can be handled appropriately in short-term counseling, the EAP counselor will provide brief therapy during the contracted number of counseling sessions. If the problem requires long-term treatment or acute care, an appropriate referral will be made. The sessions are flexible and can involve individuals, couples, families or small groups. Our goal is to solve the problem.

Case Management - EAP will provide case management to follow up with an employee after referrals for additional outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment have been made. The need for these referrals is rare. With the client's permission, monthly contacts will be made to an employee while in outpatient treatment and for up to one year after discharge from inpatient treatment.

On-Site Training - EAP can provide training with certificates if needed by the employee. Please call approximately two weeks in advance to schedule a specific training targeted at issues identified in your workplace.

Administrative Support

Confidentiality - Strict confidentiality of employee information is maintained, including employee names and specifics of the employee's problem. Employees are able to schedule appointments by directly calling the EAP offices. Employees can also be referred to the EAP by supervisors or other concerned individuals.

Utilization Reports - EAP staff will provide reports concerning the utilization of services. Reports will include statistical information and goals for program utilization.

Communication - An EAP representative will be assigned as the contact person for your organization to facilitate a good working relationship and effective, timely resolution of all concerns.

Liaison Service - EAP will work closely with the insurance plan for your organization and coordinate referrals when necessary.

Term and Fee - EAP services are available as a capitated contract. The term of an EAP contract is based on your situation and needs. An employee roster is provided to the EAP and updated yearly. Billing is done annually or quarterly. Behavioral Health Services specializes in custom-designing employee assistance programs that will meet organizational needs and goals. A financial proposal will be based on the level of services your organization selects. Portions of the service line are also available on a fee-for-service basis.

EAP program providers

All of the employee assistance program counselors are independently licensed therapists with experience in employee assistance program organizational issues. They provide corporate training events and assist with critical incident stress management. Other EAP themes and activities include diversity issues, leadership development, team building, coaching, relationship enhancement and productivity/performance improvement

Employee Assistance Program