Meritus Health, Maryland Physicians Care Partner, Expand Vital Health Care Services to Larger Population

Press Releases

Local patients with Medicaid coverage can expect to receive communication more often as Meritus Health and Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) work together to promote simple, life-saving treatments to continue improving the community’s population health. Meritus Health is the first health system to partner with MPC for this kind of value-based care initiative.

The program will focus on reminding patients to set up appointments for important screenings like mammograms, colonoscopies and childhood immunizations and connecting them to resources in the community for non-medical social services that can directly impact their health care – transportation issues, food insecurities, affordable housing and lack of insurance.

“Preventative measures like childhood immunizations and regular screenings like mammograms are essential to improve overall population health in our community,” says Dave Lehr, chief strategy officer at Meritus Health. “Health care in the U.S. is very expensive, especially hospital care, so if we can do more to prevent illness, we’ll have a healthier community with fewer people in the hospital and fewer medical bills.”

A wellness outreach team has been created at Meritus Health to begin reaching out to Medicaid patients through MPC and meet the patients “where they are.”

“Instead of waiting for a patient to remember to call and schedule an annual exam or screening, our team will proactively communicate with them and get an appointment in their calendar,” says Ellie Lloyd, manager of patient outreach at Meritus Health. “Simple steps like regular screenings are shown to improve the health of those receiving them by avoiding serious and sometimes life-threatening disease.”

“Ultimately, when the payer and the provider of health care services can work together to find innovative ways to address the community’s health by meeting the needs of individuals, it’s a win for everyone involved,” says Cynthia Demarest, chief executive officer at Maryland Physicians Care. “We are extremely excited to help meet the mission of both of our organizations – improving population health by continuing to move toward value-based, quality care for all.”