Meritus Healthcare Foundation creates Caduceus Society


Dr. George C. Newman, II was a cornerstone of our community and exemplified dedication to the medical profession. Through his vision and dedication to quality medical care in our community for more than four decades, he had the forethought to endow a fund to contribute to professional development of physicians. In honor of Dr. George C. Newman, II, the Meritus Healthcare Foundation Caduceus Society was established to carry on his legacy. Dr. George Newman II

The Caduceus Society is a leadership association and philanthropic membership society exclusively for physicians who are current or former members of the Meritus Medical Center medical staff. As excellence is a journey that requires relentless commitment, members of the MHF Caduceus Society have a deep investment in our dynamic community. The MHF Caduceus Society is focused on a spirit of collegiality and the invested desire to shape the future of the medical profession. 

Caduceus Society Logo

Current, past and deceased members of the Meritus Medical Center medical staff are eligible for membership. The MHF Caduceus Society recognizes the shared vision as physicians to continue the legacy of excellence that has become the standard of care in our community. The Society will honor physicians for their commitment to the ideals
of their profession, their vital part of the dynamic environment of healthcare today while recognizing them as catalysts for tomorrow. Through the Society, all physicians throughout the community can benefit from professional development so as
to continue to provide excellence and quality healthcare for patients’ future forward.

Should you wish to make a gift in honor of a physician member or have a physician in mind for membership, please contact us directly at 301-790-8631.