Patient Portal: Health at Your Fingertips

Our virtual world gives us instant access to information. Today’s health care providers want you to have instant access to your health records and play a more active role in managing your health.

Meritus Health’s MyMeritus Patient Portal allows you to manage your health, communicate with your providers and make more informed decisions about your care – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Powered by FollowMyHealth, a universal health record tool, MyMeritus Patient Portal securely stores patient health records and allows access from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Hospital visits

Meritus Medical Center patients can access the MyMeritus Patient Portal to view a summary of hospital care, lab and test results, medication information, patient problem/diagnosis detail and discharge instructions within 36 hours of discharge. Patients receive an email from FollowMyHealth to register and activate a patient account.

Outpatients visits

Patients of Meritus Medical Group, Meritus Health’s specialty and primary care practices, can:

  • Communicate with their health care team
  • Request medication renewals
  • Schedule appointments
  • Access health records
  • Review immunization history and lab results

“The patient portal is the truly modern way of communicating with your doctor,” says Matthew Beckwith, M.D., with Robinwood Family Practice. “It allows patients, at their convenience, to contact doctors’ offices and convey their messages directly to their physicians. Doctors read messages just as they are typed it into the computer.”

For patients at other health care facilities who are also members of FollowMyHealth!, records can be combined into a single universal health record account to make management of health care as easy as possible. Patients of Meritus Medical Group must contact their physician’s office to activate their account.

Get on the same page with your health care provider and enroll in the MyMeritus Patient Portal.