Nurse Residency Program PTAP

Our Nurse Residency program is in place to support New to Practice Registered Nurses. This 12 month program is designed with new grads in mind – giving them foundational tools, resources, competence and confidence that will carry with them throughout their career.

Focus of the Nurse Residency Program:

  • Bedside Leadership
  • Patient Safety / Outcomes
  • Professional Role of Nurses

About our program:

  • Residents will be hired for a specific unit within the hospital.
  • During the first year, they will orient to the unit in addition to attending the nurse residency educational sessions.
  • Dedicated Preceptor Assignment during the length of orientation, for unit based support.
  • Nurse residents will meet once a month for the length of their residency.
  • Nurse residents will complete an evidence based practice project throughout the course of the program.
  • Formal and informal mentorship opportunities throughout the program and beyond.
  • Applications for Nurse Residents open twice a year, in the fall and early spring.
  • Meritus Health is a member of the Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative, a statewide program engaged to provide best practice, standardized approach to new to entry nurses.


  • Graduate of a BSN, ASN/ADN accredited Nursing program
    • If ASN/ADN graduate, must complete BSN within 3 years of hire
  • Ability to sit for NCLEX and hold a Maryland or Compact State License

Inclusion Criteria

All RN’s with less than one-year acute care experience are to participate in the nurse residency program. This may include but is not limited to:

  • A newly licensed, new to practice RN
  • An RN who may be entering the acute care setting for the first time
  • An RN who has transferred from another facility to MMC before completion of a residency program
  • An LPN who recently obtained their RN and is joining the acute care setting
  • An RN returning to practice after recently completing a refresher course
  • Any other case-by-case situation in which the leadership and education team deem appropriate for participation

For more information about the nurse residency program and its curriculum please email Jodi Irvin at

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