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Meritus to launch Center for Vulva Disorders

January 22, 2024 - Press Release

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — Meritus Gynecologic Oncology Specialists is bringing a new level of needed care options to patients in our region to include a focus on vulva disorders and minimally invasive surgical options. 

The Meritus Center for Vulva Disorders, under Dr. Neil Rosenshein, will fill a need in the mid-Atlantic, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vulvar disorders. Currently, patients need to travel out of the area for this level of care.

Dr. Beman Khulpateea is establishing a gynecologic oncology robotic program to provide minimally invasive procedures.

What is the Meritus Center for Vulva Disorders?

The Meritus Center for Vulva Disorders is to be devoted to the holistic approach of treating very personal, complex and sensitive issues involving vulva abnormalities.

“Since it is such a sensitive area, both emotionally and medically, devoting the time and expertise to identifying and treating these issues is an important goal for us,” said Dr. Rosenshein, a well-respected and renowned surgeon.

Dr. Rosenshein will lead care under the Meritus Gynecologic Oncology Specialists, where experts will diagnose and manage disorders affecting the outer vaginal tissues, all with compassionate care.

That includes premalignant and malignant diagnoses, pain syndromes, pigmented lesions, inflammatory disorders, and erosive and ulcerative lesions.

“Often women are hesitant to express their concerns, which delays diagnosis,” Dr. Rosenshein said. “We want patients to be comfortable so they can be candid about the issues.”

Having the Meritus Center for Vulva Disorders a will provide practitioners in the tristate area the option for referral and treatment close to home.

What will the robotic program entail?

Dr. Khulpateea is trained to use the da Vinci Surgical System at Meritus.

“There are a lot of advantages over traditional surgery where you open people’s abdomen,” he said. “There is a faster recovery time and lower blood loss, among other things.”

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery with a high degree of accuracy, thanks to different kinds of computerized imaging.

Dr. Khulpateea said the computer imaging allows him to become “immersed” in the surgery.

“You’re able to see incredibly small details,” he said.

Similarly, the robot’s 360-degree controls afford such precision it’s almost like a perfect extension of the doctor’s hand.

“It allows us to do a lot of the very delicate parts of dissection,” Dr. Khulpateea said. “The robot allows you a lot more dexterity.”

When will the new services be offered?

The Meritus Center for Vulva Disorders is now accepting referrals, and patients can schedule themselves.

Dr. Rosenshein and Dr. Khulpateea will meet patients at Meritus Gynecologic Oncology Specialists, suite 243-A in Robinwood Professional Center, 11110 Medical Campus Road in Hagerstown.

For more information about the new Center or robotic surgery, or to schedule an appointment, call 301-665-4640 or visit

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