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The expert team at Meritus Health is advancing the science of medicine by performing cutting edge research right here in Washington County. We are committed to improving medical care and outcomes through research innovation. Participating in research can help benefit future medical treatments and Meritus Health values the commitment made by our patients who choose to participate. Our clinical research department provides support by carefully selecting clinical research trials addressing the needs in our community for expert care close to home.

Research addresses health issues worldwide. Over the decades research has successfully eradicated various diseases such as Polio, Measles, Mumps & Rubella, and Smallpox to name a few. Scientists are still working on eradicating Malaria, Trachoma, and COVID-19 among others.

Research has made great advances in treatments for various health issues such as breast cancer like radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted chemotherapy with hopes to possibly help patients and minimizing side effects.

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