Student Placement

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Thank you for your interest in Meritus Health's education placement programs. We offer job shadowing experiences, internship opportunities and clinical rotations.

We are committed to providing students with learning experiences throughout our organization. Students interested in health professions, as well as individuals enrolled in academic programs of study, will find a wide range of opportunities for learning and professional development at Meritus Health.

We partner with a large number of academic institutions, both traditional and on-line, to provide clinical education support to students enrolled in health professions programs.


Click here to complete the Observation Request Form. Please submit the completed form at least 2-4 weeks prior to the dates that you are requesting to observe. This allows time to locate a potential placement and to complete paperwork and requirements. Your request is not a placement until the Student Services Coordinator has contacted you to confirm. All observations over 8 hours need to complete the Observation Requirements form.

Observations over 8 hours: Completion of the Meritus Health requirements as outlined on the Observation Requirements form.

Internship Placement

Our internship experiences are for students attending one of our partnered colleges or universities who need hands-on or project-related on-the-job experience. Internships usually last more than 25 hours and are required as part of your college major. Internships must be requested at least a semester prior to starting and are unpaid.

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are for students enrolled in an approved class, supervised by a clinical instructor or mentor, and are required to complete clinical hands-on experience.

Observation, Internship and CLINICAL Rotation Requirements

Observations, Internships and Clinical Rotation experiences require the following application process:

Incomplete applications will not be processed. All observations, internships and clinical rotation requirements must be met in order for students to be cleared to start their internship or clinical rotation at Meritus Health.

Student Parking

The parking areas of Meritus Medical Center and Robinwood Professional Center are marked with yellow and white lines for parking throughout the primary campus of both buildings. The color of the painted lines reflects the type of parking space:

Yellow-lined parking is for employees and students.
White-lined parking is reserved for patients and visitors.

Some important information about parking:

Clinical students coming to the hospital during daytime hours MUST use the YELLOW-lined spaces. Anyone who parks in patient, visitor, or otherwise reserved spaces while completing student experiences will be ticketed.

Violations—vehicles may be towed, without notice, at the owner's expense if found parking in handicapped parking, fire lanes, white lined spaces, red curbs or blocking driveways.

Employees/students ARE NOT allowed to park in white lined spaces for any work related functions (work, meetings, training, etc.).

Between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m., students are allowed to park in white spaces close to either Robinwood Professional Center or Meritus Medical Center for their safety and convenience.

Weekends/Holidays: Relaxed parking requirements will be observed on weekends and holidays around the Robinwood Professional Center including the Red, Yellow, Silver, Green and Blue entrances.

All vehicles must be parked in the appropriate student parking spaces at all other times.

Students who need special parking consideration should submit their request to their department head. The department head will submit the request to the Director of Security for review and consideration. Each request will be evaluated based on the individual circumstances. The decision of the Director of Security will be final.

On your first day, allow plenty of time to find a parking space and to get to your workspace. It's a good idea to ask department preceptors where to park.

Forms and Policies

Consent Release and Promise

Student Information and Confidentiality Agreement

Clinical Internship Faculty Requirements


  • What is the difference between shadowing and an internship?

    Shadowing is an "observation only" (no hands-on) experience that lasts for a period of 20 hours or less. Students must be at least in their junior year of high school. An internship is the experience given to an individual seeking to complete educational program requirements who desires a limited hands-on or project related experience in one department for a period of more than 25 hours. Only students who are fulfilling educational program requirements will be considered for internships. In order to complete an internship with Meritus Health, we must have an Affiliation Agreement with your college or university.

  • Which departments can I choose from to shadow or complete my internship?

    Many different areas of the hospital are available to students who would like to shadow or complete an internship. Please note that it is traditionally the student's responsibility to secure a preceptor to shadow or complete an internship with.

  • How long does it take to process my request?

    The length of time may vary for processing depending on patient census and department activity. We will try to accommodate as many requests as possible while maintaining patient care as our number one priority, and providing quality experiences for students.How long does it take to process my request?

  • Who do I turn the completed packet of forms into when I am finished?

    At least two weeks prior to starting any learning experience at Meritus Health, each student MUST send all required forms to the Student Services Coordinator either by email to (preferred method), fax or by mail. Students are not permitted to start until all documents have been received and confirmed by the Student Services Coordinator.

  • Why do I have to complete student mandatory in-services?

    These in-services were created to educate student health professionals about policies, procedures, and workplace health and safety implications and expectations that will influence the way a student will conduct themselves while at Meritus Health. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know and understand the content of the in-services. While some of the information may be considered "common sense", much of it is specific to Meritus Health. Finally, if you have not completed the in-services prior to beginning your clinical rotation/internship, you may find your access to Meritus Health is denied.

  • This is my second year at Meritus Health. Do I have to fulfill the requirements again?

    All paperwork must be submitted on an annual basis. Therefore, if you have clinicals starting in the fall and again the next fall, you will need to resubmit a new packet. (Example: Fall of 2016 - submit all the paperwork. Fall of 2017 - you will need to resubmit a whole new set of paperwork, complete the mandatory in-services and update any required immunizations). Also, your flu vaccine documentation must be kept current, it is your responsibility to send new vaccine information to student services.

  • Where do I find the information for the health screening form?

    Many of the requirements relate to your childhood vaccinations. Most of these must be kept up-to-date in order to be accepted into a college or university. A copy of these records must be provided to complete this page. You may obtain these records from your family physician or the college or university health center.