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Family Birthing Center

Family Birthing Center

The Family Birthing Center at Meritus Medical Center is a special place where single-room maternity care provides privacy and family bonding.

What is "single-room maternity care?" When you have your baby at Meritus Medical Center, your room will be fully equipped for labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn care. Your room is decorated in soft, warm colors, soft lighting, and a rocking chair for you and your baby to enjoy, all in your own private setting. There’s also a bed for dad or another support person. Each room is specially designed to easily convert from a comfortable bedroom into a modern delivery room with all the skill, technology, and safety of the hospital right there with you.

After birth, your baby stays in the room with you, which allows you the freedom to see, touch, and hold your baby any time you want. Fathers and family members also develop an early bonding with your new arrival. An experienced nurse will take care of you and your baby. Your nurse will instruct you and provide educational materials on mother and baby care.

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