Washington County School Health Program

First Aid, Emergency Care & More from Meritus Health

At Meritus Health, we believe that all children are entitled to quality health care services and that good health helps support academic achievement. The Meritus Health School Health program serves the 22,000 students of Washington County Public School system in 27 elementary schools, eight middle schools and eight high schools. On average, our health care providers see 500 to 700 students each month in school health rooms.

Our services

Whether it's emergency care, management of acute and chronic health conditions, preventive services, education or referrals, our school health program is designed to promote the health of students, identify and prevent health problems and injuries, and ensure appropriate care for students.

We treat the following acute and chronic health condition, as well as other health disorders:

  • Minor first aid care
  • Health screenings (vision and hearing)
  • Referrals for health conditions
  • Administration of prescribed medications
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergic reactions (EpiPens)
  • Seizures

School-Based Health Centers

As part of Meritus Health's School Health Program, students at both Western Heights Middle School and South Hagerstown High School can visit a provider in the school-based health centers now open on their campuses. A provider will be available during school hours, the majority of all scheduled school days.

School-Based Health Centers are health clinics within the school offering additional, on-site health care provided by a licensed provider and nursing staff. Services are available for any student regardless of income, insurance status or ability to pay, but students must be enrolled to receive services. We strive to work with your primary care provider.

Some of our services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment for illness and injury
  • Diagnosis and treatment of both short and long term illness
  • Health Education
  • Referrals for Mental Health Services, Counseling Services, Nutritional Education and Dental Services

Students do not need to have insurance to access the services at the school-based health centers. Parents of students at the two schools will complete consent forms and medical history in order to enroll their children in the school health program and allow them to use the services offered at the health centers.

The school-based health centers are funded by a State Department of Education grant secured through the Washington County Office of Community Grant Management in partnership with Meritus Health, Washington County Public Schools and Washington County Government.

School Health