STIM Bike Therapy

Hagerstown Neurological Rehabilitation

The RT300 is a motorized cycle that uses functional electrical stimulation to nerves to create real contractions in muscles that are paralyzed or weak. Patients who have suffered neurological impairment such as stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy are ideal candidates for this therapy.

No matter where a patient is in the recovery process, whether it's a new diagnosis, or if the patient has suffered for many years, this therapy can be beneficial. For patients with spinal cord injury who have no active movement of their limbs, the goal is specifically to maintain or improve fitness and prevent secondary complications from a sedentary lifestyle. For stroke and brain injury patients who have lost strength or motion of one side of their body, the goal is to regain strength, relax muscle spasms, and improve overall fitness and endurance.

The STIM Bike can help with:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Decreasing muscle spasms or tightness
  • Reducing the incidence of secondary health concerns like osteoporosis or cardiac complications

How it works

The RT300 was created to mimic a walking or cycling pattern. The patient is hooked up to electrodes that contract the muscles to propel the cycle at a rate that has been specifically determined for their therapy, including levels of intensity and resistance. During the session, patients are strapped onto the cycle and then are able to monitor how far they have ridden, how fast they are cycling and gains in strength.

The RT300 is programmed to be uniquely responsive to each rider. The machine assists each patient by challenging them as they get stronger, or assisting them when fatigue is detected. The cycle can detect when it might be necessary to shut off if the patient's muscles are too tired to proceed. And, the cycle can be adjusted to accommodate young children and adults.

The machine uses the Internet to allow the patient and therapist to monitor progress and optimize results. The results from each session are saved and can help patients see how they are progressing.

Using the bike at Meritus Physical Therapy

After patients have gone through one-on-one therapy, they can be trained to use the bike as part of a wellness routine. Patients are able to pay a monthly fee and use the STIM bike two to three times each week. Because of the evidence-based research, many insurance companies cover this state-of-the-art therapy with a doctor's order. Patients who have an interest in this therapy can set up an appointment for evaluation. For more information about STIM bike therapy, please call Meritus Physical Therapy at 301-714-4025.

What Patients Are Saying About the RT300

Cole Balloon suffered a spinal cord injury and has been using the STIM bike as part of his therapy regimen. Before his injury at age twenty-one, Cole played collegiate basketball and baseball. "I would 100% recommend this bike—if anything just for the health benefits. The bike helped me maintain my muscle mass. It also helps to decrease muscle spasms and helps to improve muscle circulation in my legs."

Karen Lyman suffered a spinal cord injury that compromised the flow of blood to her spine. Karen has had intensive therapy and continues to see improvement in her legs since using the bike. "The muscles have come back in my legs. Previously, I had no response from my hamstrings, but after using the bike, I started to get a response," said Karen.

STIM Bike Therapy