Get back on track with your preventative screenings!

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

When the coronavirus pandemic reached the U.S., many lives were put on pause. But while you may be focusing on postponed vacations, rescheduled weddings or cancelled graduations, something even more important is being missed by tens of thousands: routine cancer screenings.

If you were scheduled in the past year for a mammogram, Pap test, colorectal cancer screening, PSA test, lung cancer screening, skin check or dental appointment, your doctor or dentist may have cancelled your appointment. As restrictions lift, it’s critical you get those appointments rescheduled.

Early detection saves lives. Routine cancer screening detects cancer early (even if you have no signs or symptoms!) and increases the likelihood your treatment will be successful. If your doctor’s office is open, don’t wait for them to call you to reschedule. Give them a call today to get your appointment back on the books—and then get in the door for your routine cancer screening.

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