Meritus Medical Laboratory -Nursing Home Program

Thank you for allowing Meritus Medical Laboratory to provide you with the best laboratory services possible. It is our goal to furnish clients and patients with consistently accurate test data along with rapid, convenient and economical laboratory services.

Meritus Medical Laboratory Nursing Home Program provides phlebotomy services for residents of facilities in Frederick and Washington counties, Maryland. A certified phlebotomist conducts the blood draw in the resident’s room and ensures that specimens are delivered to Meritus Medical Laboratory for processing. Facilities are provided with their residents’ laboratory results within 24 hours.

For questions, contact Meritus Medical Laboratory Client Services 301-665-4900, Option 1

  • To schedule a courier pick up before 12 Noon contact Meritus Medical Laboratory Nursing Home Services: 301-766-7880, Option 1
  • To contact Medspeed: 877-734-0319
  • Meritus Medical Laboratory supply order form
    • Please fax laboratory supply order requests to 301-766-7887

EpicCare Link is a web-based service which provides clinicians with secure, immediate access to patients’ Meritus Medical Laboratory test results.

  • For EpicCare Link support, please call 301-790-8001, option 2
  • To request access to EpicCare Link please send an email to with your request.
  • You will receive a Network Access Agreement which must be completed by the individual responsible for legal and access aspects of the facility.
  • You will receive a spreadsheet to complete with additional user names requesting access and their email addresses.
  • After both the Network Access Agreement and Spreadsheet are completed, Meritus Health will evaluate the request and grant access (90 Business Days from the receipt of the completed documents).
  • Once access has been approved, the appointment site administrator will be contacted via email with instructions on how to access EpicCare Link for Meritus Medical Laboratory results.
Nursing Home Program