Zero Harm

At Meritus, our teams are committed to caring for you and your loved ones. That means keeping you safe while under our care, and offering you helpful information to keep you healthy and well when you are in the community and at home.

What is Zero Harm?

Zero Harm refers to an important concept where no patients are harmed as a result of their interactions with a health care system. For example, lab results are not misread, medication errors do not occur, and a patient doesn’t fall.

Patient safety is our team's top priority. The only acceptable measure of patient harm is zero! You can help us prevent patient harm while visiting a loved one by:

  • Reinforcing the care teams instructions
  • Alerting the care team of any changes to behavior or medical history
  • Knowing when to call for help

How can you be safer at home and in the community?

We care about our neighbors, not only when they need our care, but all of the time! To lead a healthy life, we want to share helpful resources and information with you:

Falls Prevention Materials

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