COVID- 19 Donations

Gifts to the Meritus Healthcare Foundation are tax-deductible and have a tremendous impact on the care of our community. We care about our patients and we care about you.


If you would like to help support our front line staff or the hospital by donating money you may do so by using the link below.

  • Donations to the Help our Heroes fund will be used to support, encourage, provide meals and bring comfort to team members at Meritus Health – staff willing to put themselves on the front-line, every shift of every day to care for our community. Each of our nurses, doctors, nursing assistants, lab techs, environmental service staff, security guards and so many others are our neighbors, friends and family – let’s show them we care.

If you would like to provide an in-kind donation or have already donated and would like a tax deductible receipt, please complete the form located here.