Personalized Care Close to Home

Personalized Care Close to Home

Lying down in her bed, Benita felt pain under her arm and felt something hard in her breast. “I never felt it before,” says Benita. “I knew right then and there to call my doctor.”

After a meeting with her doctor and an ultrasound and MRI, Benita discovered that she had breast cancer. Benita’s daughter Kenisha was devastated by the news. “You find yourself asking why,” says Kenisha.

Personalized care close to home

Soon after her diagnosis, Benita and Kenisha arrived at John R. Marsh Cancer Center and met their cancer care team: a breast surgeon, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist and nurse navigator. Here Benita received an individualized treatment plan by a team of doctors focused on treating and beating her cancer. Corey, Benita’s nurse navigator, helped to coordinate appointments and answer questions about her diagnosis.

“The whole team was made to do what they do,” says Benita. “Corey was on top of everything. She told you where to go and what time to be there.”

Benita also received personalized attention from the oncology nurses who explained radiation and chemotherapy side effects and her medical oncologist who would call her on the weekends for an update.

Equally important, it was the personal touch Benita experienced at John R. Marsh Cancer Center that made a difference. “You forget about what you’re going through because everyone is so kind,” says Benita. She also described a social atmosphere where patients supported one another and congratulated each other on recovery milestones.

“I’m glad it [cancer care] took place at Meritus,” says Benita. As Benita’s daughter and health advocate, Kenisha supported her choice of John R. Marsh Cancer Center. “You’re familiar with the area, you know how to get here and it’s local,” says Kenisha.

A journey’s end

It took eight months for Benita to beat her breast cancer. During that time, she participated in a breast cancer support group and received cognitive therapy to address chemo fog. Grateful for her mother’s recovery and health, Kenisha sums it up this way: “You’re not just coming for treatment, you’re coming for healing.”

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