An Educated Health Care Consumer

An Educated Health Care Consumer

Chris Everhart is no stranger to surgeries. As an active 52-year-old, Chris works in the construction industry and enjoys dirt biking and downhill skiing. He credits knee replacement and rotator cuff surgeries to his lifestyle, but also adds laser eye surgery and an appendectomy and to his surgical history.

An educated health care consumer

As an experienced patient, Chris believes it’s important to be an informed consumer of health care services. Before undergoing any procedure, Chris refines his health care choices by researching potential physicians. So, when he discovered that he required gallbladder surgery, Chris did his homework.

“Surgery shouldn’t be any different than buying a car,” says Chris. “The more research you can do before your surgery, the better.” And while Chris did the legwork on his gallbladder procedure, he took advice from his primary care physician to use Karl Riggle, M.D., as his surgeon. “My doctor told me Dr. Riggle was the best of the best,” says Chris. “And I knew that Dr. Riggle was a career surgeon.”

Rock star ranking

From the moment he walked through the hospital doors to the time he was discharged, Chris considered each hospital staff member a “rock star.” “It couldn’t have gone any better,” says Chris. Even when his surgery was delayed due to an emergency surgery, Chris’ nurse gave him the VIP treatment and wheeled him to a private room where he watched television. Once in the operating room, Chris found the staff to be attentive, warm and relaxed. “Everyone was at ease,” says Chris.

Reflecting on his gallbladder surgery, Chris says, “With social media, people are quick to judge, but my experience couldn’t have been better. I’m completely happy with my choice of Meritus Medical Center.”

And if he could, Chris says he’d go back and shake everyone’s hands.

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