A Rapid Recovery Due to Robotic Technology

A Rapid Recovery Due to Robotic Technology

Whether playing basketball with her family, jogging five miles a day or walking her dogs around Hagerstown, Bonnie Socks was always on the go.

But as she entered her mid-50s, she began experiencing pain in her left knee.

“I’ve always been a very athletic person,” Socks said. “When the pain started getting bad in my knee, I quit jogging.”

For years, over-the-counter medicine, a knee brace, ice and heat helped relieve the pain temporarily, she said. But when she needed a cane just to get out of a chair and walk to the end of her 500-foot driveway, she knew it was time for a more long-term solution.

“I really couldn’t get around anymore without the cane,” Socks said. “If I didn’t use the cane, my knee would just totally give out.”

She turned to Alvaro Cabezas, MD, an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Cabezas suggested Socks receive a total knee replacement. In October, he performed the surgery at Meritus Medical Center using the hospital’s ROSA robotic technology.

Robotic technology offers surgical patients less pain, quicker healing time and enhanced recovery from their procedures. Because of the smaller incisions, patients often require fewer narcotics and are home sooner from the hospital than was possible in the past.

Socks spent one night in the hospital and then completed four weeks of physical therapy.

“I thought it went fantastic,” she said. “I’ve known other people who had the same kind of knee surgery, and they have these huge, what they call ‘railroad tracks’ on their knees. I have just a single line that goes over my knee. Everything healed really quick, and I felt like I breezed through the physical therapy.”

Socks is back to walking at least one mile a day – an accomplishment both she and her dogs are happy about.

Bonnie walking her dogs

“Actually, I think I can go farther than the smaller of the two dogs that I have,” she said. “She’s a very slow walker, and she gets tired even though she just turned two. She tires out more than I do.”

She’s also thankful for the care she received at Meritus Medical Center and has some advice for anyone considering a knee replacement.

“Don’t hesitate,” she said. “Trust the doctor and trust the hospital because my experience was fantastic. While I can’t jog anymore, I’m back to just about everything I used to do. It made such a difference in my life.”