Leaders in Equity and Diversity (LEAD) Collaborative

Welcome to the LEAD (Leading Equity and Diversity) Collaborative!

The LEAD Collaborative is an initiative spearheaded by AARP, Meritus Health, Luminis Health, the Maryland Hospital Association, and Advancing Synergy that has assembled a diverse group of 34 regional organizations with the intent to mitigate health disparities disproportionately affecting diverse and aging populations. The LEAD Collaborative has actively formed a network of organizations striving for swift, measurable change, with each participating organization having crafted aim statements specifically tailored to address their most pressing priorities in health equity and diversity. With such a talented, committed group of coaches and participants, it is not a matter of if we make change, but when!

Inherent to being a Collaborative, the 34 participating organizations are encouraged to share best-practices. After all, this is not a competition; it’s cooperation! In addition to organizations sharing amongst themselves, our LEAD Core Team has put together a talented panel of experts in the field of health equity and diversity to host best-practice webinars over the course of the Collaborative.

Learn more about LEAD from our participants in the video links below:

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On Oct. 26, a group of committed healthcare leaders, representing 32 organizations across seven states gathered to begin focused and intentional work to address health disparities among minority aging populations. the event featured live illustrations to create visuals to accompany the engaging and thought provoking sessions. Learn more in our Press Release and visit our event Photo Gallery.

This session was featured in national media including Becker's Hospital Review. Read the article here.

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Lead Best Practice Webinar #2 presentation

Lead Best Practice Webinar #2 Speaker bios

Lead Best Practice Webinar #3 Presentation

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Dr. Maulik Joshi, President & CEO, Meritus Health


Ms. Deneen Richmond, President, Luminis Health


Dr. Arti Varanasi, President & CEO, Advancing Synergy


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