Solveig Locke CRNP

Solveig Locke, CRNP

4.9 / 5
  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) (Board Certified)

About Solveig

Solveig completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in women’s health from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, Md., and is a certified women’s health nurse practitioner.


  • 5 / 5 Mar 11, 2019

    "very comfortable appt with efficiency. will continue to recommend this provider"

  • 5 / 5 Mar 5, 2019

    "I am drawn to this provider's demeanor and bedside manner. She cares and is competent caring for me in mind, body, and spirit."

  • 5 / 5 Feb 5, 2019

    "Of the 20+ years that I have been coming to this practice and the years that I have been a patient of Dr. Solveig, there has never been a time that I felt that I couldn't talk or ask questions and not feel uncomfortable."

  • 5 / 5 Jan 29, 2019

    "As always, Dr. Locke is courteous and kind. she makes you feel as comfortable as you can with the type of appointment it is. She took time to talk to me and make sure I was comfortable with what my medicine and if anything comes up with my results. A wonderful health provider."

  • 5 / 5 Jan 10, 2019

    "Solveig is always so kind and compassionate. She takes her time with each visit, and demonstrates a true caring in her communication and gentleness of care."

  • 5 / 5 Apr 11, 2019

    "solveig is an angel on earth! she makes an uncomfortable experience as comfortable as possible. she's kind, funny, knowledgeable, and can play the comforting mother role when necessary. i absolutely ADORE this woman and recommend her whenever possible."

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