Long-serving plastic and reconstructive surgery practice joins Meritus Health

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. – A long-serving cosmetic and plastic surgery practice has joined Meritus Health in a move that brings together the talents of Dr. Salvatore DiMercurio to the existing Meritus team, including Dr. Matthew Malamet.

“We’re welcoming Dr. Salvatore DiMercurio and team as Meritus Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery,” said Dave Lehr, chief strategy officer. “Most people might not realize the important role that plastic surgeons play in the care team. With our trauma center designation, we have many patients who need reconstructive surgery after accidents, dog bites, or even routine surgeries that require sensitive tissue repair. We also have many bariatric surgery patients who need plastic surgery for skin removal after weight loss. This partnership allows us to ensure we can continue to bring plastic and reconstructive surgeons to the region for all of these needs.”

“My practice and team are thrilled to be joining Meritus,” DiMercurio said. “We have long worked alongside Meritus providers, but this more official capacity will benefit our patients and our community.”

Lehr mentioned many patients, for example, breast cancer patients, can now coordinate all aspects of their care at Meritus – from chemotherapy, to a mastectomy, to a reconstructive surgery and radiation.

“We have long worked with Dr. DiMercurio, but patients still experienced a hand-off, and their information was on different patient records systems. By bringing this care within the Meritus Health system, we will be able to create a more seamless experience for our patients, and a more coordinated care plan between physicians and providers,” Lehr said.

Dr. DiMercurio is well-known for his comprehensive approach to post-breast and skin cancer reconstruction, an important component of a health system that also includes trauma and cancer centers.

Dr. Malamet joined Meritus earlier in 2022, providing surgical care to trauma patients, such as those who experienced a dog bite, burn, or other event requiring reconstructive and plastic surgery for adults and children.

“Dr. Malamet allows more patients to receive the expert care they need in our community,” Lehr said. “It is difficult enough when a child experiences a traumatic injury, but to have to travel for surgical care just adds to the stress. We are thrilled to know that Meritus has the experts who can provide reconstructive care right here in Hagerstown.”

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