Meritus Health celebrates hall of fame employees during Hospital and Health System Week

Frank Smith is a friendly face to everyone at Meritus Health. Even if you’re meeting him for the first time, his smile lights up the room. It’s that friendliness, and his relationships with his co-workers that’s been bringing him back to work for decades.

Smith started on June 2, 1969. To put that in perspective, he’s been working for Meritus Health (formerly Washington County Hospital) since before we landed on the moon (that happened in July 1969).

“I’m planning to make it to 60 years,” he said.

And with 53 years under his belt in linen services, as of next month, he’s on his way.

The early-mornings give him the ability to have coffee with his co-workers, and walking the halls with his laundry cart keeps him healthy.

“My doctor says I’m in great shape,” Smith said with a smile.

A Washington County native, Smith said that in his free time he enjoys dirt track racing, and if he could do anything else, he would be a dirt track driver.

“Maybe in my next career,” he laughed.

Smith takes pride in his tenure with Meritus. “Am I the longest? Have I been here longer than Lewis?”

Lewis Stoner laughed when he heard about Smith’s question, “Oh, yes I think he wins!”

Stoner is another long-timer, who makes deliveries for the warehouse. He started on January 31, 1983. 

His sentiment was much the same as Smith. “I love going around and seeing everyone,” Stoner said.

The smiling faces and delivering packages is part of the job he loves. When asked if he could see himself in any other career, he said, “Maybe the post office. So, not much of a change,” he said.

We are thankful for all our employees for their hard work and dedication, from long-tenured ones to rookies! Happy Hospital and Health System Week!