FY 22 Community Health Needs Assessment Released

HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Mental health, obesity and substance use are top three health priorities in Washington County, as identified by the FY 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Every three years, this study is conducted to identify the health strengths, challenges and opportunities unique to our community. The information provided in the report is critical to those in positions to make positive impacts on the health of the region’s residents. The assessment identifies major health concerns, gaps in services and other disparities.

Meritus Health is committed to working with community partners to help support the health needs of our community. In addition to the education, patient care and program interventions provided through our health system, the information in this study is designed to encourage additional activities and collaborative efforts.

“While the data in the study may seem discouraging, it provides us with an opportunity… An opportunity to align our goals and programs to accurately address what our community needs,” said Allen Twigg, executive director Meritus Behavioral & Community Health.

Meritus Health’s plan to address the health priories for Washington County is a multi-pronged approach that includes the following:

  • Lose 1 million community pounds by the year 2030 as we encourage residents to Go for Bold!
  • Improve behavioral health by ensuring timely access to treatment, stabilization and support, and reduce overdose fatalities.
  • Improve prevention and management of type II diabetes and reduce mortality.
  • Prevent heart disease, reduce mortality and manage hypertension.
  • Increase health equity by helping all people attain the highest level of health.
  • Engage and empower people to choose healthy behaviors and make changes to reduce risk.

To demonstrate our strong community collaboration, the Community Health Needs Assessment was developed by Healthy Washington County, a coalition of public and private organizations working to improve the health of people living in this community. Click the links above for more information, or visit