A letter to the community

May 19, 2022

Dear Neighbor,

Meritus Pharmacy, a small, 1,800 square-foot pharmacy located within the lobby of Meritus Medical Center, opened earlier this year to support the prescription needs of our patients and our employees. The goal of Meritus Pharmacy is always to provide great service to our patients and ensure those being discharged from the hospital are able to get any prescribed medications before leaving the building.

As you know, our local, non-profit hospital and health system is rooted firmly on a foundation of trust and transparency with our community. As such, we feel it is important to share that on May 16, 2022, Meritus Health’s leaders and its board of directors were made aware that Walgreen Co. filed lawsuit against Meritus Medical Center in federal court. Walgreens also has a pharmacy in the Robinwood Professional Center, and this litigation involves a contractual matter. Meritus Health believes that any actions taken by the hospital to support our patients and employees were done in accordance with the contract and in furtherance of our mission. We hold high respect for the legal process, and as such, we can’t share all of the details during this phase of the process.

The case filed by Walgreens asks the court to “temporarily, preliminarily, and permanently” stop Meritus Medical Center from operating our small retail pharmacy or “Walgreens will suffer substantial, immediate and irreparable harm”.

Our position on this matter is simple: we acted in accordance with the legal contract between Meritus Health and Walgreens, and in good faith, and our intent in developing the Meritus Pharmacy was, and is, to serve our community.

As your trusted community health provider, we appreciate the ways you make our community strong, and we appreciate your support while we allow the legal process to take its course.


Greg Snook

Chair, Meritus Medical Center Board of Directors