Employee Spotlight - Cancer Center Team Helps Get Patient a Ride Home

Sometimes the work day just doesn’t end at 5 p.m. when it is supposed to. That may be because a group of co-workers were where they should be at just the right moment.

Several of the team at the Meritus John R. Marsh Cancer Center (JRMCC) noticed a patient in a wheelchair and an elderly friend sitting outside of the Green entrance of Robinwood Professional Center one night this winter as they were heading home for the day. Turns out that a miscommunication had left these folks stranded from the paratransit ride option leaving the campus.

“They hadn’t been to an appointment at the cancer center, but there they were – two older members of our community and no source of transportation home,” said Andrea Garnand, an employee with the JRMCC. “Our team wasn’t going to walk past them and not try and help. Love thy neighbors, right!”

Andrea, along with Lynn Hartle, Kristine Bert and Stacy Keller (pictured) sat with the patient and companion at the Green entrance. They made calls to various transport companies, trying to find someone to offer a ride. After some time had passed with no real luck, a member of the group went to the bus stop located in front of Meritus Medical Center. She tried to get the patient a ride on the evening bus, but when that didn’t work, she asked the driver to please call for the much-needed paratransit ride.

“We all stayed with the patient and companion until their ride came and picked them up around 6:30 p.m.,” said Andrea. “Our dinners may have been a bit late getting to the table that night, but we all knew it was the right thing to do and we hoped someone would do the same for us if ever we found ourselves stuck without a ride home.”

The health of our community is about more than just what happens at appointments and in the hospital. Sometimes it’s a meal, a ride or a helping hand and our employees understand that truth and live it day to day. #MeritusPride