Meritus Health implements COVID-19 test-to-treat program

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Since the onset of the pandemic, Meritus Health leaders have played a large role in anticipating and responding to the needs of the community.

Now, Meritus Health is proud to be the first health care system in the state of Maryland to be able to test for, and treat COVID-19 using the antiviral drug Paxlovid, all in one location.

“Being the first health system in the state of Maryland to offer this service, shows the dedication of our teams and their constantly-improving efforts to fight the pandemic,” said Carrie Adams, Pharm. D., Chief Operating Officer, Meritus Medical Center.

“We’re ready to roll. Our teams accepted the challenge and responded with agility” she said.

According to the Maryland Department of Health, test-to-treat sites offer testing, provider evaluation to gauge if the patient is eligible for treatment, and if appropriate, direct access to the medication.

Paxlovid is an oral, prescription medication used to treat mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults and children over 12, who are at a high risk of hospitalization or death.

This option adds to Meritus Health’s always-evolving list of resources available to the community in the fight against COVID. It demonstrates the health system’s continuing commitment to change and adapt as the pandemic itself changes.

“When mass testing was needed, we created the drive-thru testing center. When cases grew, we built an entire wing to Meritus Medical Center. We continue to work to forecast the expected needs of the area, and in doing so, we are prepared to make COVD-19 treatment as easy as possible,” Adams said. “We continue to remain forever ready for our patients to ensure they are able to access the care and medication they need.”