Meritus Health launches new tool for patients to share goals with providers

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Your health is foundational for a high quality of life. Taking time to invest in your own health and connecting with your healthcare provider are crucial to building and maintaining a sturdy foundation for the rest of your life.

That’s not always an easy thing to do.

Health is more than running on a treadmill a few times a week or having lab work done every year. Individualized and meaningful health care can also come from sharing more personal details about your health, as well as your life and goals. This important can help to advance clear and honest communication with your provider.

Meritus Health is committed to providing opportunities for patients to connect with and easily let their providers know what matters most to them.

By using the MyChart portal, Meritus Health patients are can note their goals and the things that matter to them in their lives. MyChart is a user-friendly, electronic portal that can be assessed online or via smartphone app. This allows patients to maintain and update their medical and personal history as well as medication list. MyChart is also a resource for patients to have access to a symptom checker, medical records, test results and more at their fingertips.

MyChart serves as a communication tool between Meritus providers and patients, as well as between all health care team members. Through the What Matters Most section on the app, patients can indicate to their providers what’s important in their life, such as what their goals, hopes and dreams are.

“This could be walking your daughter down the aisle at her wedding, cheering on your favorite sports team, or running a 5K; whatever it is that matters to you, matters to us,” said Dr. Aaron George, Chief Medical Officer at Meritus Health.

It’s always a good idea to bring along notes with any questions or concerns to your doctor’s appointment.

Keeping track of your personal information, test results, treatment plans and more are also important. For Meritus Health patients, the MyChart portal allows easy access to that information, and it also allows for all your health care providers to access the same information in one place.

“We want every member of Meritus to know what matters to each of our patients, so they can more easily and quickly provide personalized care.” George said.

It goes beyond just a one-on-one, and enables all Meritus clinical team members to transparently see what truly matters, so that they can individualize the care we deliver.

“It’s these things that truly matter for health. It’s beyond just the pills, the prescriptions and the lab tests. It is people, it is families – where they live and what they dream about that are among the crucial keys to health” George said.

For more information, including detailed step-by-step instructions in the MyChart portal, click here.