Pulmonary practice becomes part of Meritus Health system

For the second month in a row, a local medical practice will become part of the Meritus Health system.

In an email statement Tuesday, a Meritus official indicated that more such partnerships could be "on the horizon."

Pulmonary Consultants & The Sleep-Breathing Disorders Center will join Meritus Health effective Sunday, according to a news release issued Monday.

The practice's team of providers, including Drs. Johny Alencherry, Shaheen Iqbal, Kalim Ahmed, Pajman Danai and Imtiaz Khurshid, along with nurse practitioners Anne Rowland and Brandy Locke, are working with Meritus leadership to put the transition into effect.

The practice has locations in Hagerstown and Frederick and in Waynesboro, Pa.

“Our team holds a deep commitment to the medical care of this community and believes that this partnership will allow for more cohesiveness between pulmonary and sleep medicine care and other health care our patients receive from Meritus Health,”  Alencherry, president of the pulmonary and sleep medicine practice, said in Monday's  news release.

“The specialists who already have well-established connections at the hospital bring so much value to our Meritus Health family and our goal of improving the health of this community,” Dave Lehr, chief strategy officer for Meritus Health, said in the release. “This partnership only makes the continuum of care for our patients stronger.”

Some administrative changes will take place after Sunday. Among them will be an invitation for patients to MyChart, the portal used by Meritus Health.

Bills and other correspondence will also begin coming from Meritus Health.

At least three private medical practices in the Hagerstown area have joined larger health systems this year.

On July 1, After-Hours Pediatrics joined the Meritus Health system. Services will continue to be offered at the current practice location, 186 Eastern Blvd.

“We always strive to provide the very best services to our community, so it’s natural to partner closely with providers and practices deeply committed to Washington County’s health,” Lehr said in an email Tuesday. “Partnerships like Meritus After Hours Pediatrics and Meritus Pulmonary Consultants — and others on the horizon — will positively impact many people in this region who are already receiving treatment from the teams there and will also help strengthen the efficiency of the care by making it more connected and integrated among all of the providers our patients see.”

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