Lend-A-Hand – sustained through 2020


In a year where everything has felt so different, the heart of the holidays is ever more present. December 2020 marks the 19th year that in years’ past, over 100 volunteers joined together to prepare, assemble and deliver thousands of holiday meals to those who are in need. New restrictions and contactless delivery made Lend-A-Hand look different, but the heart behind the event was still the same. Many of the volunteers that helped this year have been here since the beginning, most volunteer once and continue to every year after.

One of the many long-time volunteers is Sheree. Sheree started many years ago with helping on the inside, directing room set up, then putting meals together, etc. Sheree was asked by the coordinator of Lend-A-Hand if she would mind doing the route furthest away, reaching into the outside perimeter of Washington County. Sheree agreed and begun a tradition each year of volunteering for the same route. Sheree isn’t alone anymore, her cousin Kim, daughter Kami and granddaughter Kaylee now join her.

Making connections with those receiving meals on the route, being invited into homes, getting to know the families and children is why this is so important for Sheree, especially to share the experience with her family. Being able to shine a little light on Christmas Eve to those that need it, and in turn being able to brighten their own holiday. There weren’t hugs exchanged this year or visits inside, but chatting through the screen door at a distance with face shields and masks. The sentiment is still the same. Giving is truly better than receiving, with grateful hearts we look forward to many years to come of this amazing event.