Focus on the Future. Our Commitment to Care.


We are here for you every day, at the ready, when you and your neighbors or your family turn to us for help and healing. You have turned to Meritus Health when you have a new grandchild, when you nervously await the biopsy result, when you are visiting a family member after surgery and when you are learning to care for your parent after a stroke. We are your community hospital and during the pandemic, the community turned to us again with new expectations for information and leadership and we rose to the challenge. We are here for you every day to lead, to help, to sooth, to heal, to support, and to serve to improve the health of our region.

Meritus Health rapidly created COVID testing sites, extended Telehealth to all patients, and built a negative pressure and ventilator capable, 20-bed Regional Infection Containment wing (RIC) in record time! The RIC wing is a permanent addition to Meritus Medical Center to help support efficient and appropriate responses to contagious diseases and infections.

Meritus Medical Center is not just responding to the current pandemic through resiliency, but adapting and preparing for the changes that this and future pandemics will bring to our community. By constructing this specialty space in only 4 months, Meritus Medical Center is at the ready while relentlessly pursuing excellence during our community’s health challenges both now and in the years to come! For more information about how you can become involved in supporting this and other Meritus Health projects, please contact us at (301) 790-8631.