Unwavering Support - Help Our Heroes


At Meritus Health, we are neighbors serving neighbors, families serving families and friends serving friends. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our community responded in droves, offering support, well wishes and generous donations for Meritus team members on the front lines of the disease.Community Support for Help our Heroes Campaign

To direct these gifts, the Meritus Healthcare Foundation created the Help Our Heroes initiative. The initiative has provided our staff with much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE), snacks, goodie bags, cards, hand-drawn pictures and more than 5,000 meals!

As a way to involve our neighbors, donors and friends, more than 2,000 Help Our Heroes window decals were distributed throughout our community. We continue to invite everyone to show support for our hometown hospital and the Meritus Health Care Heroes on the front line. Contact us today to request Help Our Heroes decal if needed- each decal is a sign of solidarity and support for our community’s hospital!