Meritus Family Medicine Residency Program: One Year Later


Through the kindness of our donors and the support of the community, the Meritus Family Medicine Residency Program has thrived during their first year. The Cornerstone Resident of the Year was chosen by a committee of medical professionals and provided a $15,000 grant to implement a community-based project led by the award-winning resident. An additional $250,000 of donor contributions was provided to the program to support community outreach, patient education initiatives and operational expenses.

We recently reached out to Dr. Aaron George, associate chief medical officer, directorAaron George, D.O. of medical education & assistant program director of the Meritus Family Medicine Residency Program asking him to share a few thoughts and experiences throughout the first year of the residency program.

“I am most proud of seeing our newest physician trainees working with and alongside the community. Residents engaged patients across the county, speaking at local churches, schools, retirement homes and even leading a monthly “walk with a doc” educational activity. Additionally, each resident took on leadership of a community-centered project. I have appreciated watching our residents work as effective clinicians in the hospital, the clinic, and starting their journey as leaders in community health,” he shared.

While the first group of residents celebrated their graduation to their second year, the newest group of residents arrived at the end of June. Almost immediately, recruitment of the third year class has begun. Dr. George added, “Our next truly major milestone will be when we have a full complement of faculty alongside 18 residents in training in June 2021. Additionally, Meritus Health was just accredited by the ACGME as an independent Sponsoring Institution for graduate medical education, which gives the system recognition and some possibility for considering expanding graduate medical education beyond those 18 residents, in the future.”

For more information on the Meritus Family Medicine Residency Program, please call 301-790-8000.