Meritus Medical Center now offers spiritual support for cancer patients

Meritus Medical Center has a new addition to their cancer care team.

A chaplain is now available for all cancer patients, offering spiritual support. The new position was put in place at the John R. Marsh Cancer Center to support patients, families, volunteers and staff. Part of the medical center’s mission with this new program is to create hope in the face of illness and death. The new chaplain says she stays with people, guiding them through their time in the cancer center.

“A lot of times the cancer diagnosis comes as a shock and it comes with fear. Some people don’t want to be vulnerable with their families so I am the one person that they can tell “I am really scared, “I’m afraid”, “I’m worried”. Whatever concerns they have, we talk about and I try to help them through it,” Angela Palle said, the new chaplain for Meritus Medical. Families of all faith communities are supported through this program.