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HAGERSTOWN – Sawyer Braitman, son of Meritus Medical Center employee, Michelle Braitman, recently modeled the hospital’s new pediatric transport car. Upon the recommendation of the pediatric nursing staff, the purchase was made with the support of Meritus Healthcare Foundation. “It has been fun for our pediatric patients when we use it – quite frequently - for transport and discharges,” says Pam Horner, M.S.N., RN, clinical manager of women’s and children’s services. “The car helps alleviate anxiety in the children, as they travel from admissions to their rooms, perhaps down to radiology and out to the exit when they are leaving the hospital.” Staff can control the car by remote when young patients go for a ride, but can also allow an older child to independently steer the vehicle with parental permission. Nursing staff members also have an emergency stop button to use if there is a need. “The nurses enjoy using it and seeing how happy it makes our pediatric patients and their families during their time in our hospital,” says Horner.