How to Party and Not Gain Weight

Your Health Matters

If you feel you’re in a social whirlwind and find your best “nutritional” intentions shattered by party after party, you are a typical American. We average two to three “special occasions” per week. Many Americans gain 5-7 pounds every year over the holidays. But, take heart, these fun activities don’t have to mean a weight disaster.

An Attitude Change

One of the reasons you gain weight at these occasions is lack of moderation. Now that does not mean displaying restrained eating all of the time and leaving the parties feeling deprived and hungry. It means developing healthy eating habits throughout the year so the need to go wild at the special occasions will not be there. If you only allow yourself to eat cake at a party; for example, you’ll probably help yourself to cake at every party – even when you don’t really want it. But, if you give yourself permission to eat cake when you want it – throughout the year – you won’t feel compelled to “indulge” at every party, and you won’t feel deprived. When you stop worrying constantly about what you should or shouldn’t eat, you’ll feel surprisingly free! If you see parties and holidays as wonderful social events that incidentally offer you food, you will not overeat. You need to get the focus off of the food and on to the fun!

Party Tips

Because you feel that many of the parties offer foods less nutritious than you prefer to eat, here are some tips:

  • Take along a food you love and can nibble on (veggies and low fat dip, popcorn, low fat yogurt, fruit etc.)
  • Fill up on the healthiest foods and savor a smaller portion of the less healthy foods.
  • Avoid thinking about the food before the party, during the party and even after. You’ll make yourself hungry.
  • Don’t stand by the food. Focus on conversations.
  • Sip a low calorie drink and fill up with salad or veggies to take the edge off your hunger.
  • Be aware that alcohol increases your appetite and lowers your inhibitions. This could make you care less about making wiser food choices.
  • Plan to exercise.

You are in control of your lifestyle and you can choose whether these special eating activities are to be your downfall. You will find with a little planning and a desire to focus on the fun and not the food, you can sail through these adventures unscathed.

You are Worth It!!