Recovering from Cancer

Nearly 14.5 million people with a previous cancer diagnosis are living in the U.S. Survivorship creates new health care needs as some survivors experience side effects related to their cancer treatment such as fatigue, pain, weakness, memory gaps, postural changes, balance and gait problems, speech difficulties, swallowing issues and more.

Cancer rehabilitation specialists

Meritus Health’s Total Rehab Care in collaboration with the John R. Marsh Cancer Center offers rehabilitation services to patients who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer. Survivorship, Training and Rehab Program or STAR is a nationally recognized program aimed at helping survivors feel whole again.

With specialized training through the STAR program, a multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists work with patients to design a program that can minimize side effects, improve functioning and a quality of life.

“Because we work with cancer patients every day, we understand the personal difficulties of coping with cancer,” explains Jeanni Moyer, STAR program co-coordinator and manager of Total Rehab Care. The STAR program helps patients feel self-empowered and gives them the support and guidance they need to move beyond a cancer diagnosis.

Limitations from cancer treatment is not a new normal. Ask your primary care physician or oncologist for a referral to enroll in the STAR program. For more information, contact Total Rehab Care at 301-714-4025.

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