October 2015 Daisy Nurse Named

Kristi Ebaugh, RN, a member of the critical care team at the hospital, was recently named October’s DAISY nurse. Her nomination noted: “The call came to the unit about a patient – someone who worked at Meritus Health – coming in to the ICU post a cardiac arrest in a motor vehicle. The patient arrived on the unit at 4 a.m. While his family was in the waiting room, several staff members situated the patient quickly so that his family could come to his bedside. Three hours seemed like 10 minutes. The patient’s report went to Kristi Ebaugh for dayshift. I knew Kristi would continue providing he and his family with compassion and consoling and kind words – her finest skills! For two days on dayshift, through ups and downs, Kristi displayed her loyalty, compassion and tears to one of our own – the same kind of care she gives every day. At work, Kristi is a constant representation of quality care. Kristi will always greet you with a smile and soothing words, even after a challenging shift. She exemplifies what ICU nurses do every day - beyond tough shifts, long days and a demanding role. Kristi represents the best of nursing and our unit. She represents the comradery it takes to care for the sickest of patients every day. She represents why we get up the next day and do it all over again.” Also nominated for the October DAISY Nurse award were: Allison Beall, RN; Sarah Boarman, RN, B.S.N.; Dottie Olson, RN; Veronica Rice, RN, B.S.N.; and John Sykes, RN, M.S.N.