January DAISY Nurse Named

Congratulations to Alyson Thomas, RN, January 2014’s DAISY Nurse award winner! A coworker nominated her with these words: Alyson was the care manager in the emergency department on a very busy day when a trauma was called on a four-year-old. The patient needed to be transferred to another hospital by ambulance. The mother of the child was present with her other small children and had no means of transportation to get to the other hospital. Alyson went through every resource she could to attempt to help this family. After being told no by everyone she called, she went, with a child in her arms, to the director of the ED to work out a plan. Because of her diligence, she was able to arrange transportation for the mother and children. Alyson made a difference in this family’s experience. This child could heal with his mother’s love by his side. Thank you, Alyson! Other nurses nominated this month were Rebecca Bracaloni, April Buck and Cheryl Vitale.