September DAISY Nurse Named

From a Meritus Health manager—

My father was admitted last weekend after a fall at home. While he was on your unit, he was very focused on being discharged to home. It became apparent to me after talking to the physician that his discharge may not happen as he wanted. I, being the daughter/nurse/patient advocate wanted nothing more than to help him get home. I started talking with my dad’s nurse, Kelly Jo, and she started telling me that she had concerns about my dad going home. She felt that he was impulsive and perhaps, unsafe, while ambulating. I was quickly trying to assure her that he would be fine and that he really just needed to go home. She looked at me and very calmly told me that she really didn’t feel comfortable sending him home. She was very concerned that he would fall again.

This was the first time that someone else stepped in and was the “nurse” and his advocate. We cried together at the nurses’ station as I explained to her that my dad does not want to be a burden to anyone at all and that all he wants is to maintain his independence.

Kelly Jo went into my dad’s room and had a very frank but compassionate conversation with my dad and mom about how important it is for my dad to use a walker when he ambulates. She also convinced him to stay until he could be evaluated by the therapy department just to make sure he was safe to go home. My mom later told me how much she appreciated that conversation and that it really made a difference. I don’t think that my dad has ambulated once without a walker since then.

I can’t describe how much this all meant to me. I try to be very realistic, but in the end, this is my father and I really don’t want to be his nurse. I just want to be his daughter. Kelly Jo took over and allowed me to be his daughter.